Energy Monitoring in Hubitat

I am having a hard time finding any instructions on how to set up energy monitoring on the LZW31-SN.

How is this set up? Where are notifications being “sent”? I am a bit confused on how this works.
I see the potential but I am not sure of how to set this up to read live data or even be useful at the moment. I apologize for my ignorance on the subject ahead of time…

Hi @AutomatedThoughts, It would be helpful to know what hub you are using. I only have experience with Hubitat’s HE platform. And you’ll find most others here have great depth with multiple platforms…

I’m sorry I thought because I posted in the “Hubitat” sub forum it would be obvious. I am however using Hubitat.

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@AutomatedThoughts, LOL! :laughing: And that is what happens when you only look at the new threads section and don’t notice the forum it was posted in. My Bad… LOL!

So there are a couple of ways that I am viewing the data now. You can see the power and Energy reports in the upper right-hand corner of the driver page as seen here:

I am also viewing the data on my dashboards. To set this up, do the following:

In the dashboard add a tile and select the Device (in this example, the Dining Room Light) and then select the “Energy Meter” Template:

Likewise, for Power, select the same Device and select the “Power Meter” Template:

Here is the final view after adding the actual Dimmer template for the Dining room Light Device:

I am sure there are ways in RM to use this data to send notifications to the HE phone app, trigger other Rules. But I haven’t done any of this yet. Hope this helps

Here is a rule that I just threw together. I wouldn’t use something like this personally. It’s more of an exercise to see what could be accomplished. Basically it if the dimmer power goes over 38W, A message gets sent to my cell and then the dimmer brightness gets reduced by 1% until the power is <= 38W. When this has been completed, another notification is sent to my cell stating so. The delay is used becuse the latest dimmer FW has a bit of a delay in the power reporting. Somewhere in the 30-45 second time frame.

Anyway, hope this all helps

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Thanks Ma2J. I appreciate it. I’m going to set it up and test it a little later.


@AutomatedThoughts NP, Glad to throw something out there… Plus know that I got to learn something new too :). I hadn’t used the “Repeat” functionality in rule machine yet.

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I just got back to this. It works fine set up as you described. Thanks again.

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