Exclude NZW96 from SmartThings

After a few years of trying I gave up trying to make SmartThings work with Z-Wave. I bought a Wink but I can’t get my NZW96 to connect. I was told that I needed to exclude it from SmartThings first. I reinstalled it in SmartThings and tried Delete Device. It told me:

“Follow the manufacturers’s instructions to delete Z-Wave devices from the current hub’s network or from a previous hub’s network”

I couldn’t find the instructions on inovelli.com so I googled and found a pdf copy of the manual. Nowhere on the instructions does it say how to exclude.

How do I exclude a NZW96 from SmartThings so I can include it in Wink?

Great question! When you’re in exclusion mode, press the button on the front 5x rapidly.

Let me know if that works!


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