Fan/Light LWZ36 Troubleshooting

I am using Home Assistant. I was using Hubitat. The LWZ36 was fine in Hubitat but in Home Assistant, I don’t know what all the switches do. The switches also don’t respond like normal. Switch (2) doesn’t seem to do anything. I read the instructions on how to add the config files to Home Assistant BUT Home Assistant says “Setup failed for zwave: Integration not found.”

Any help would be appreciated. I have been searching on both the Home Assistant and Inovelli forums without luck. Thanks!

Are you using ZwaveJS2MQTT or the built in ZwaveJS config? And when you say you read the instructions on how to add the config files, do you have a link? From memory, I don’t believe you should have to add anything at all, it should just work once you join the switch to Zwave.

Regarding the switch controls, one of them is the light, one is the fan and the other is the ‘parent’ that you’ll see come on when either one of the others come on. If you turn the parent one on, both the light and fan will come on. Personally I went the route of renaming that one and then making sure to not share that entity over to Google when I wanted to control lights/fans via voice control.


This is the installation link

I wasn’t able to tell which switch is which. There is a lot of lag and sometimes the switches don’t react.

Oh wow, yeah that’s old. Tagging @Eric_Inovelli if we can hide/remove that for now maybe?

OpenZwave was replaced by ZwaveJS a couple years ago at least I believe. You should have something like this in your integrations?

Are you able to expand the Zwave details for the LZW36 in your screenshot? Wondering if you joined this securely (S0 or S2?), alternatively how far is this switch from your hub?

The distance to the hub is no different than my hubitat. As I understand both use the same zwave nortek sticks.

The security is none.

Do you have other zwave switches or repeating devices connected to Home Assistant already? And is Hubitat still running nearby to your Home Assistant hub?

There are 2 things trying to check here, one is the mesh itself and if that could be the issue for the slowness you’re getting, and then we also want to find out what’s up with that “Setup failed for zwave: Integration not found” error you get. Does that log message give any additional information?

I will try to move more zwave devices over from Hubitat to Home Assistant and here is hoping that will improve the response.

“Setup failed for zwave: Integration not found”
That error was from the instructions that as I understand should not be followed anymore. So probably just outdated in Home Assistant.

Thanks for the information. Knowing what (2) switch is is helpful.

This is the device page in HA, and you can see on the right hand side of your screenshot here that it’s connected and receiving info just fine.

ZWaveJS does give you 3 switches.
1 Controls the light
1 Controls the fan
1 Controls both but if I remember right only for turning them off.

You’ll want to toggle them to see which does which and then rename them to something you’ll remember.
And yes, the instructions listed in that link are for OpenZwave which is deprecated.

Thank everyone for the info. (2) ended up being the fan and the first one ended up controlling them both. Thanks again. I’m all set.