Fan + Light Switch (LZW36): One switch, multiple fan control

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to run through a handful of questions in my quest to use a single LZW36 Fan/Light Switch to simultaneously control 3 outdoor patio fans. All fans are hardwired without a switch (pull chains for fan and light). I can install a LZW36 switch within 15 feet of all 3 fans for hot/neutral/ground.

  1. Are canopy module’s available/planned for sale separately?
  2. Is the LZW36 canopy module configurable? If not, how are replacements/warranty handled?
  3. Specifications of canopy module? *Find compatible 3rd party canopy module.

The only way I see this working is one of two ways:

  1. Get my hands on 3 canopy modules and modify them to the same “configuration”. I’m open to trading/re-selling two unused switches to others.
  2. Use aftermarket canopy modules assuming they use the same frequency and existing communication standards.

Surely I’m not the only person looking to either use a single switch for multiple fans or multiple switches for a single fan.

Worst case, you can stash the other two switches within RF range of their respective fans and use a rule on your HA platform of choice to toggle them following the third switch’s changes. The switches only need hot and neutral to power them, so you can even mount them in an unused outlet box. I programmed mine in a surface-mount PVC outlet box with a lamp cord for power…

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Excellent backup, this will definitely work. Thank you for your feedback.