Fan with lights will it work?

Hi community. I just happened upon the site trying to do some research on the fan/light switch. Everyone seems very helpful from what I’ve seen so … hope to find some guidance.

This is my set up. I’ve never seen a switch like this before. Its the 1 gang box with two twist switches. Just like volume on a T.V. from old… turn up the light … turn up the fan. Turn both all the way left (click) to turn off.

I’m trying to understand if the inovelli switch with its RF device that goes in the fan can work for me.

I have other wifi and z wave plus switches in the house. Using alexa and smartthings etc.

Any help would be great!

Wiring-wise in the switch box . . take another look. How many Romex (sheathed wires either 2 or 3 plus a bare ground) are coming into the box? I think it’s 2, a 2-wire and a 3-wire, but I believe the 2-wire is hidden behind the 3-wire.

It looks like the side of the box is notched to allow for the Romex, so one is on top of another. Quite unusual to say the least. Most electricians would use the knockouts at the top and the bottom of the box. Nothing surprises me anymore . . .

But if you do have a 2-wire and a 3-wire, you should good wiring-wise. I can’t comment on whether or not the fan is compatible.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes its a 2 wire and a 3 wire. And yes that is a notch in the box right up at the sheetrock (standard) there’s a clipped off romex in one of the back slots of the box. Just cut off… connected to nothing.

There’s also a random little blue jumper tied to the black that goes into the existing switch (standard)

I had not thought about the fan itself being compatible. Its just a very normal looking Hampton Bay with the lights.

How would I go about making sure the fan is compatible?

Again, thanks for the help

Regarding the fan, I would drop the canopy and take a couple pictures. There is a lot of experience here so someone will comment.

Do you have a pull chain to change fan speeds?

Ii does have a pull chain on it. However, since I bought the house I’ve only used the t.v. tuner looking switch in the picture to control it. Its like a rheostat I guess. Turn on a little… slow fan… like the switch above.

I’ve never seen my type of switch (ever) its basically 1 is a light dimmer the other is the fan dimmer.

Good idea on opening it up. Maybe a model number or something. What else would I be looking for?