Feature Request: Config option to disable forwarding on association group 4

I have 2 LZW31-SN dimmers set up in a virtual 3-way using associations.

Load Dimmer
The “Load” dimmer is connected to the lights, and association groups 3 and 4 are pointing to the “Remote” (not connected to any load) dimmer.

When I control the Load dimmer with the physical switch, it sends those commands to the Remote dimmer as intended. When controlling the Load dimmer via zwave, it also forwards the commands to the Remote dimmer (which is good).

Remote Dimmer
The Remote dimmer is not connected to any lights, and association group 2 is pointing to the Load dimmer.

When I control the Remote dimmer with the physical switch, it sends the commands to the Load dimmer as intended (the Load dimmer then forwards the same command back to the Remote dimmer, but that is fine, and helps keep everything in sync, including the LED strip dimming level). Since Association group 2 does not forward commands received via zwave, this prevents an infinite loop.

The problem is that I do not have dimming capabilities on the Remote dimmer. If I set up Group 4 association on the Remote switch, the commands will get forwarded back and forth forever, causing all sorts of issues.

If there was an option to disable forwarding on Group 4, I think this would give us a method to have good 3-way/4-way/5-way/6-way/7-way via zwave (including proper dimming support).

Parameter 12 is what you are looking to adjust. I’m not sure what hub you may have or the name of the setting in the driver but it will determine what messages to forward to associated devices. You need to set it so it only sends the commands when you physically control the device.

The only down side is if you control them via a zwave command it won’t auto fwd that either so you have to make sure any automations are sent to both. This is because it can’t distinguish if the command was sent from your controller or from another device.

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Parameter 12 must be new. Might you have a list of the options?

And do you know which firmware it was introduced in?



Been there since the beginning. But its strange because its not mentioned in the manual or the device page but its in the Inovelli driver.

In the Inovelli driver its referred to as “Association Behavior” and I set it to “Local” so that it only sends the association commands when you press the button.

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I didnt even think about that parameter. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Association group 4 is still a little wonky, but I think it has to do with dimming speed vs ramp rate. This at least allows me to keep the dimming level in sync across multiple switches.