Firmware questions

You already got some good answers and any of them should resolve the issue. Since you’re new to Hubitat I’d like to offer a few tips and tricks for future reference.

  • When you update firmware in a device, or update the device driver in Hubitat, you should follow that with a CONFIGURE on the device page. This is considered standard operating procedure. It happens automatically when a device is first installed, but not when it is updated. This alone would have resolved your issue.

  • I usually recommend that people use the ALL option with CONFIGURE for Inovelli devices (you won’t see the ALL option on other brands). The ALL option is something I added to the Inovelli Hubitat drivers because they are feature rich and have many more user parameters than most other brands. CONFIGURE ALL tells the driver to sync the settings for ALL parameters between the hub and the Inovelli device (not just the basic parameters).

  • REFRESH or REFRESH ALL. Either of these would have corrected the version mismatch. But neither is necessary if you do the CONFIG or CONFIG ALL because Config “x” also does a Refresh “x”

  • So what’s the difference between CONFIG and REFRESH? To explain, you must first understand that the parameters are stored in [at least] two places. They are stored in the switch itself, and they are stored in the hub also. Config tells the driver to “push” the parameters from the hub to the switch. Refresh tells the driver to “pull” the parameters from the switch to the hub. A typical use of Config All would be after doing a Factory Reset on the switch. The hub still has all the old parameter settings that can be pushed to the switch using Config All.


  1. Any firmware or driver update should be followed with a CONFIG (at minimum) or CONFIG ALL (recommended)
  2. REFRESH ALL is unnecessary after CONFIG ALL.
    (likewise, REFRESH is unnecessary after CONFIG)
  3. CONFIG pushes settings to the switch from the hub
    REFRESH pulls settings from the switch to the hub

Thank you, @mamber! Super helpful!