Firmware v1.45 (Beta) | LZW31 | Dimmer - Black Series (Gen 2) -

Hey Guys,

I had purchased a few LZW31 switches for the house. I noticed a few issues that would be resolved with v1.45. I had bought the AEOTEC USB. I have installed the COM3 - Z-Waze Pc Controller. I had updated 2/3 switches. The third switch I had noticed that everything was complete per the Z-Wave PC Controller. When I went to test the physical switch it showed the blue light, but when you attempted to turn on it did not due any action. I had then attempted to update it with v1.45 again but would get stuck Packet #336 out of 2486. I am not sure what to do from here? I would like to have a light working in the Bathroom.

Have you tried “rebooting” the LZW31? Pull the air gap at the bottom and leave it out for a few seconds, then push it back in and try the update again (assuming you wired line and load correctly, the LED bar should turn off when you pull the air gap and neither the switch nor fixture should have power).

Also, if you have a laptop, try bringing it as close to the switch as you can (not inches, but the same room would be good). This usually makes the update faster in my experience, so maybe your problem was just a range issue if you weren’t nearby.

Hi Richard,

I had pulled the air gab out for a few seconds. I had pushed it back in, and their is no light on the switch. I had tried updating it within same room but I am unable to get the node information now.

I might sound like a crazy person here (what’s that saying about repeating the same action and expecting different results?), but maybe try rebooting it a few more times, even some tries in quick succession? :smiley: I’m not saying it helped me, but I had a switch that was a pain to update and I eventually got it to respond…

Also, it’s too late for this now, but do make sure you have the correct firmware: LZW30 for Black switch, LZW30-SN for Red switch, LZW31 for Black dimmer, LZW31-SN for Red dimmer, and so on.

If you still can’t get it going, maybe try contacting Inovelli support. I’m not sure what the warranty exactly covers (sometimes manufacturers consider firmware updates to be an “on your own” thing), but it can’t hurt.