Flickering after multiple power interruptions

I’ve reached out to Inovelli but no response yet. Storms moved through causing power outages; blink power off, blink power on. Outages lasted only a few seconds but we had a dozen or so over an 18 hour period. Now, my Inovelli Red dimmer switches come on with the lights flashing very fast. I have configured, refreshed but they still flash whether turned on by motion or manually. Family is about to go into seizure mode! Anyone have suggestions? Thanks
PS:Hubitat C5

I would try a factory reset to see if that has any effect. Power outages and the surges that accompany them are notorious for killing smart switches. Do you have a whole house surge protector, by chance?

Long press config to factory reset. Release when you see red.

Is this happening with multiple switches, or just 1? Have you tried pulling the air-gap? Do you have any zwave associations set up with the switch (like a virtual 3-way)?

No total home surge protector. First time something like this has happened in the 12 years we’ve been here. Oddly 3 of the single Inovelli’s are impacted. 2 that have a second dumb switch we’re not affected. All my other non-Inovelli switches are fine.
The reset has basically made the devices inoperable. Guess I’ll try excluding, discovering and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

3 of my single switch Inovelli Reds are affected. 2 Reds with second dumb switches are working normally. No virtual set up. Guess I’ll Google air gap. Thanks.

Pull the button that is found on the bottom of the paddle. Pull out like 1/4 inch and push back in after a few seconds.

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That did the trick! Having to exclude and re-add but no more flickering. Thanks again


Hey @Bry do you have any suggestions and/or links to whole house surge protectors for anyone that might stumble into this thread?


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Here’s the one I recommend. https://www.eaton.com/us/en-us/skuPage.CHSPT2ULTRA.html
I’ve installed 3 in the last 4 of my homes. Depending on which panel you have, you may be able to find that Vendor’s specific surge device that goes in like a normal breaker too.

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I hesitate to recommend any specific one. Best to read reviews and come to your own conclusion. They generally take two forms. Some will mount internally and take up two breaker slots. Some will mount extra early and still take up two slots.

Most of them recommend mounting closest to where the power comes into the panel, so you may wind up moving breakers down to accommodate that.

Either way, you need two adjacent slots to monitor both phases.

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