Flickering with more LEDs

Hi, I have a Red series dimmer LZW31 switch controlling recessed LEDs and I get flickering at some brightness levels below 50% or so.
These are the LEDs I have: Ultra slim Swivel recessed light - 4 inch Round - 3 Built-in Selectable color températures - Recessed Slim Lights

They are 9W each.

I have tried installing a FIbaro bypass 2 on the circuit and it doesn’t seem to do anything.
(I’m not clear if it matters where on the circuit a bypass is installed? I put it on the last light in the circuit as there was the most room)

I have these LEDs on other circuits where
2 or 4 LEDs and there is no flickering with those.
I am only having the flickering in circuits that have 6 or 7 LEDs on them. This seems backwards as I thought the higher load
would reduce and flickering issues?

All if my switches are wired with neutral wires.
Is there a way to solve this?


I’ll give it a shot! I’m not that great with electrical, but I can keep the conversation going at least.

Can you confirm it’s Fibaro? I’ve never tried that one, so there may be some incompatibility. We recommend the Aeotec one.

I just purchased the Fibaro one for testing.

Edit: I just looked back through some teams chats with the manufacturer and they said the Fibaro one is incompatible with our switches, so that would explain why it’s likely not working.

However, what it doesn’t explain is exactly what you called out where at the higher wattage, why is there flickering? This is above my pay-grade unfortunately, so I’ll have to do some digging.

Also on the ones where there is no flickering, is there a bypass installed?

Question here - do these have the Inovelli switch on them?

Do all 6 or 7 flicker or just one of the bulbs?

Sorry for all the questions, but it really helps me visualize your setup.

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Thanks Eric.
It seems like just a 2-3 of the bulbs on each circuit flicker. Not all of them.
Yes, the all have the same model of switch. I previously had these on Lutron ‘dumb’ dimmers and had no issues.

Overall the bypass seemed like a bit of a reach. I didn’t think they were supposed to do anything if you have everthing wired with neutral wires? I could try the Aoetec bypass if you think that may help?

Nah sometimes they help in neutral environments as well.