Forum changes removed site access

Why did you change the forum so there is no links back to the site? It was good the way it was before with the “hamburger” quick access bars in the top left. I could go look at a product easy then click back button to go the forum again or pick forum using the quick access icon again.

Did the logo take you go the site? I honestly don’t remember.

I know they were messing with some of the backend code, so maybe that was one of the things they accidentally edited.

Edit: re-read your comment. I think I know what’s happening. Are you in dark mode?

Yes, dark mode. Played with the theme and color scheme in the settings and the old layout came back. The fonts are still terrible though. The font is a grey that is on either the white or black background and neither of those combinations works very well.

The replying has a black on white and that works good. In dark it’s white on black and something there seems off too, hard to know but it’s like it’s too thick a font.

Yeah – I should’ve put that in the disclaimer too (had it on Friday, but took it down bc I thought they fixed it).

It should all be fixed early next week. Light mode works fine, but I noticed (like you) that dark mode is all messed up.

I do like the forum to main site being linked and accessible so easily. I have some forums bookmarked that I go to directly and there is no link to the main site, which sucks from a usage stand point.

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Completely agree - this was the main purpose of the hamburger.

Hopefully next week, all will be back to normal!


Glad to hear it. Need my dark mode! :sunglasses:

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Me too lol

Yeah I’m going to need the moon back too so I can swap back and forth… Pretty please?

Hopefully it’s working for you guys now? There should be a slider at the top now! Fancy :slight_smile:


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It’s been there for a while but didn’t work last time I tried it. I clicked it just before you post this and it works now!

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Yeah the old one was just an icon that you clicked, but it stopped working a while ago and the guy who built the site initially moved onto bigger and better things lol.

Hopefully this one doesn’t break!