Forum password after Inovelli 3.0 launch

After creating my “new” 3.0 account, I noticed that my forum (Community/Discourse) login seems to have not come along for the ride — by which I mean that my new login does not work here. I’m pretty sure this went through the regular account before, though maybe I don’t remember; but now, it definitely asks for apparently its own login, and my new (I noticed this because I happened to re-create my account with a new password) password does not work. My old password does, but I don’t see a way to change this in my forum account (normally, this would be under “Security” on your Discourse profile). Further, it lists my e-mail address under “Associated Accounts” in my profile as OAuth 2, suggesting that this is supposed to work the same.

Anyone else seen this, or did I miss some announcement about how to change/re-sync this? Or is there some problem, like maybe OAuth is still looking for accounts on the “old” system?


PS - This has been going on since the beginning of 3.0 as far as I recall…just got around to posting about it now. :smiley:

PPS - To further complicate things, I do have a new e-mail address on both the forum and compared to what I originally registered with, but both have been changed to my “new” address for a while now and were done before this move. If it’s fine for everyone else and I’m just odd, this might be a clue…