Gen 1 and 2 Switch Setup in Hubitat?

I started setting up one of my Gen 2 switches and it looks like all the up and down press actions will populate under one rule as a button device which seems great. Can someone confirm that’s the smartest way to set up the Gen 2 button actions?

I tried setting up a similar rule for my Gen 1 switch and it doesn’t seem to function the same way. There’s no option to prefill the button actions and then when you click add button action it seems to run into an error. Am I doing something wrong? I’m 99% sure I have the right driver installed.

If there’s a post or tutorial somewhere that’ll help me feel free to point me in the right direction. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Edit: I’ve got more screenshots if it helps but can’t post them yet as a new member.

A little update. This seems like a little bug or I’m just missing something. I updated one of the Gen 1 lights with a label for the tap up 2x and went back to set up a rule again and now the button actions populate when I select it as a button device. I was able to replicate this with both my Gen 1 switches and now they both have populated all the button actions.