Gen 2 Red Series On/Off switch will not pair

Hi Community,

I’ve recently purchased a four Red Series On/Off switches and four dimmers. The dimmers are working great, but I’m having issues getting the On/Off switches to pair with my SmartThings Hub (v3). And by issues, I mean they don’t pair at all - signal strength indicator indicates that there is no signal, even as close as 6 ft from the hub with a direct line of sight. I’ve triple checked the wiring, checked the voltage coming in on the line, moved the hub as close as possible to one of the switches and pulled it out of its gang box in an attempt to eliminate any signal interference I could think of. Local control of the switches works exactly as expected.

When attempting to pair, the switch successfully enters pairing mode, but times out before SmartThings can find it using both the Classic and modern ST apps. The switch signal strength indicator flashes briefly green, then red indicating poor signal. Meanwhile, red-series dimmers located much further away from the hub than the On/Off switches work fine. I’m 0/4 with the On/Off switches.

What else can I do?

Try factory resetting them. Hold config down to 20 secs. I had a couple that wouldn’t join. Factory reset and was good. Also had a couple that just needed to be powered up for 20-30 mins.

This is strange! I am having the exact same issue with my LZW30-SN switch. I am going to try the factory reset right now.

Worked like a charm!! Thanks @harjms

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This worked! At least for the two that are near the hub. The other two are pretty far away and may have legitimate signal issues. Thanks so much for the suggestion @harjms!

@danforce - Run z wave repair. The switches should help repeat the signal.