Generating click sound

I’m using my Blues with HA and z2m.

Is there an option to manually create the “Relais click”? I would like to use it as feedback for certain automations.

Following up on this — seems this is not possible? Or we don’t know?

Since on/off seems somewhat independent of the relay (e.g. in no neutral version I don’t hear a relay click) I’d assume this can be operated independently…

I assume since the setting starts with “In neutral on/off setups” this would mean neutral is required as-is the outputMode being set to On/Off.

EDIT: I totally misunderstood the question LOL

I don’t think this is possible, unless the switch isn’t directly powering any load (in which case you should already be able to do what you want).

As I understand it, the relay is in series with the MOSFET. They aren’t independent. The MOSFET actually controls the load, while the relay is only used to switch between the “load” and “traveler” terminals for 3-way setups. In order to make the relay click, you have to cause it to switch between load/traveler, so this will interrupt any load that is wired to the switch. (I haven’t actually seen the switch schematics, so this is only informed speculation on my part)

Maybe it would be possible to do something hacky where the load is wired to both “load” and “traveler”, which would result in only a minimal disruption to the load when the relay clicks (the load would be unpowered for however long the relay takes to actuate - probably a few 10’s of milliseconds). This would require extra firmware support though (to be able to control the MOSFET and the relay independently). I’d also be concerned that this could have negative implications for electrical code compliance and UL certification (again, speculation on my part - I’m not a code/certification expert).