Getting started

Hi everyone!

I’m new this home automation and wanted to find out more about the Inovelli switches before investing money into the switches. I’m interested in the Red Series On/Off switches at the moment.

  • I will be setting up an Pi 4 with 4GB running openHAB.
  • Will the Zooz 700 series USB work with the current switches or will I need to get the Aeotec Z-stick Gen 5?
  • What is the best Z Wave USB stick to work with these switches?

Thank you,

Inovelli typically recommends the stick. I have that and it works really well.

That said, Nortek’s has both zwave and zigbee if you intend to use both.

Also, not sure on compatibility with the 700 series sticks. Double check openHab supports it as HA ZwaveJS is still working through it I think. It’s very very new.

Thank you for the info! I think at this point I’m leaning more towards the Aeotec USB stick the Gen 5 Z-Wave +