GM Larc6 Compatibility

I’m getting some GM LARC6 low voltage 24VDC under cabinet lighting and was wondering if anyone has had any success using an Inovelli dimmer switch with them?

I’m not thinking it’s possible unless you got a 24vdc power supply with Z wave to associate the dimmer and power supply. The switch is AC only and will not work for DC.

I’m not going to use their touch dimmer, I’m going to get a dimmer switch on the wall. My predicament is (and I hope I’m thinking about this correctly)

  1. Do I get this:
    This is nice because I could put this in my crawlspace to hide the transformer, but then I’d need to use a low voltage magnetic dimmer, which wouldn’t be zwave enabled.

  2. Do get this:
    This is nice because I could get any zwave enabled dimmer and control the under cabinet lights. However, now I have to hide an outlet somewhere behind the cabinets.

I’m definitely thinking about this wrong because it’s impossible to dim an outlet. The best I could do is make that outlet switched.

Hmm… I might need to get different under cabinet lights.

@scatmanFATMAN - Looking through the links, I’m thinking I’m agreeing with you on different lights. It may be able to be done, but I honestly have found any Z wave VDC devices other than dry contact type stuff.

Yep that’s the new plan. Thanks for taking the time to look at it for me!

@scatmanFATMAN - No worries. Wish there was more to consider, but I just don’t have much to go with in VDC gear.

What about one of these:

Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 12/24 V DC RGBW Dimmer ZEN31 for LED Strips and DC Lighting

In theory you could associate one of the red series dimmers with it.

@jmedemar - This may work, but not sure if the controller is looking for RGBW connections vice just one connection.