HA with OpenZWave (beta) and OZWAdmin... how to change parameters for switches?

I have just purchased a bunch of Black Series on/off switches and I’d like to eliminate the delay when operating the switches manually. I’ve been able to update the firmware of the first switch OTA, but I don’t know where or how to change the parameters. I’m using the OpenZWave add-on and I can view my Z-wave network with OZWAdmin.

I plan to get other switches and will need to modify other parameters, but hopefully an answer to this will be enough to get me started. Thanks in advance.

Found the issue, so I’m responding to my own post so as to not waste anyone’s time… I had originally added these switches securely and they didn’t show up correctly in OpenZWave Admin. When I removed each one and then included them normally, they came up as LZW30 switches in OpenZWave Admin and I can now change parameters.

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yes OZW beta does NOT support secure joining if I am remembering correctly. Even though there is a popup that asks…

Same reason I can’t get my Schlage lock to join my z-wave mesh properly.

Hmm. Well, my Kwiksets included and are functioning OK. I have yet to be able to set user codes through OZW, but that could just be me…