Having to air gap fairly often

I’m finding that I’m having to air gap a few of my Inovelli red dimmers and 1 of my Fan + Lights ever few months or so and others every now and them. From postings over on the Hubitat forum it seems that this is very unusual.

I originally had an electrician install them in February, 2021. The problem is particularly in two switches: one is a red dimmer that is only connected to a line, neutral and ground and is used to run a rule to turn on/off the light on a fan + light and the other really problematic one is that fan + light. Particularly for that red dimmer, it is rare for me to go more than a couple of months before it goes south and I have to air gap it again. Is this a bad switch?

I’m running a Hubitat C7 hub, currently on, and have had to air gap several other switches form time to time. Again, I thought this might just be normal as it seems all computers need to be rebooted sooner or later. But, as mentioned above, from the Hubitat forum it seems my situation is much more pronounced than other people are experiencing.

I’m wondering if I got a bad bunch of switches as I had to return 2 in the box of 10 I had gotten back in Jam. 2021 as they were DOA.

Any suggestions?