Help Identifying switch and driver

Hubitat C5
Inovelli LZW-30??

I need help with a switch. Inovelli on/off. I don’t know if it is red or black, scene or not scene, gen 1 or gen 2.

Without removing the switch, what is the easiest way to determine which switch I have and what firmware am I running?

I had an inovelli on/off switch in the garage and the physical part of the switch died. I could switch the lights on and off digitally but not physically. So I pulled the switch and added it to my junk bin.

I repurposed the switch to control my blinds in the living room, since that would be a digital signal only.

Here is what happens, RANDOMLY, the switch will physically turn off. Well the logs will say that it was turned off physically. The default blind position for off is closed. Therefore, 10AM if the switch “turns off” the blinds close.

Sooo… I wanted to just disable the relay completely, but the LZW-30 driver I was using in Hubitat, that wasn’t an option. I started down the rabbit hole of trying to determine the best driver, found firmware upgrades to the LZW-30-SN… ugh…

So what switch do I have is my step 1. It is definitely an on/off.
Any thoughts would be great.



AFAIK, the first gen didn’t have that LED. So I’m guessing a LZW30 or -sn.

You can disable local control with 8x config button pushes.

Did you factory reset it to see if that helps? You can do that with a general exclusion if need be.

Second gen on/off switch (LZW-30). Don’t think the red and black look any different. You’ll need to include the device to get the firmware. If you do decide to remove the switch it says red or black on the back. Possiblythe date code on the front could help too.

Thanks. I just did the 8x we will see if that keeps it from turning on and off physically. Yes, I did the factory reset and a ton of other steps when the actual relay went. I probably just need to take this one out, order a new one, and pitch it.

Thanks for the answer

What do you mean? It is currently a device in hubitat and digitally works… well… sort of works. What I am confused on is how to determine what firmware I currently have. I can’t find that listed anywhere, I am assuming I am using the wrong hubitat driver.

Thanks for the pics and info.

@harjms can help you with the Hubitat specifics to determine the exact model number and firmware level.

Didn’t realize it was already paired. Someone with hubitat will need to help further.

Thanks. yeah I probably wasn’t clear. This switch has been just a nightmare. First the relay went out, then I tried to repurpose, I think its just trashed. I have a NIB on/off downstairs, time to just swap it and throw this one in the trash bin, that will keep me from trying to re-re-purpose it haha.



Look at the device type. 2=LZW30-SN. 4=LZW30.

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Firmware is found under the device as well.

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