Help with LED minor strobing

I put in a Lithonia WF6 wafer light (single light) in my bathroom above my shower replacing what was there. The ceiling is vaulted and the light is far from water etc but this is also a water rated/approved unit. It is also dimmable. ~13W.

I have it connected to a red dimmer switch. When I first put it in, it strobed like crazy when dimmed. No adjustments could get rid of it so I put in a bypass. I chose the Jasco unit as the Aeotec wasn’t in stock at the time and is twice the price. With the bypass installed, I can dim the light up and down without it strobing but I did have to set the min and max appropriately as it would still do it at both extremes. I set the light to turn on at 50% because its so bright. I am getting minor strobing or pulsing at this level…sometimes. It doesn’t do it all of the time but sometimes when it is just on, it will pulse ever so slightly. You can almost not see it but its there. It will do this maybe half of the time it is turned on. The other half it is completely fine.

This was the first time I have used the Jasco bypass. Could it be that? Anyone have any experiences with these? I have the Aeotec elsewhere. Is this wafer just a crap unit? I chose it because of the “name” over cheaper options.