Home Assistant Openzwave Beta works on LZW31-SN Red Dimmer Switch

I’m happy to report that running the latest version of Home Assistant ( 0.111.4) that open zwave beta automatically picked up my LZW31-SN dimmer switch. It created a light entity and two power sensor entities. Using the openzwave manager, I’m able to set the parameters in the zwave switch with full descriptions of all the options.

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That’s great to hear! I want to transition but I am waiting for a good how-to migration video/instructions to come out before I make the jump.

It will be nice to stop messing with all the config files.

Yeah, I’m basically waiting to do anything until I can get an easy-install with the new zwave implementation. Home Assistant is the only one I’ve found with an Insteon plug-in, and I need that for some existing equipment I have.

One thing I’ve been trying to figure out but haven’t been able to yet… can you use automations to trigger config parameters using the new Zwave bindings?

For example, I have an automation that calls this service:

service: zwave.set_config_parameter
  node_id: 9
  parameter: 8
  size: 4
  value: 50268673

You’d have to do it through MQTT using the setvalue command. See https://github.com/OpenZWave/qt-openzwave/blob/master/docs/MQTT.md#setvalue

Use something like MQTT Explorer to find the ValueIDKey for the particular value you want to push updates to. It’s less than ideal, but the ozw add-in/integration is in beta after all.

Just noticed that the status of the dimmer switch does not get updated in home assistant when activated at the switch. Scenes do work, and I modified the existing node red subflow to reflect the changes in values.

Here’s a How-To if you’re looking to move over to it. I haven’t done it yet. Thinking of doing it soon but currently my HA instance is in a VM within VMWare and I’m getting some z-wave lag, most likely due to USB-passthrough on in VMware. I’m buying a new Z-wave stick (the Zooz) to place into my raspberry pi 4 and I’ll load OZW on that and load MQTT in a new HA VM. So technically I won’t be moving but migrating to a clean install.

I guess it would have been smart to add the link. https://selfhostedhome.com/new-openzwave-beta-for-home-assistant/

@CLesto Thanks! I am going to do the .112 update tonight. Might wait a little while before I take the plunge into the new zwave module. At least till it comes out of beta… maybe before… ugg! Not sure when. :slight_smile:

@Chrisml They are working on adding that service right now. Its early in the cycle so I imagine it will be in .113 but only time will tell there.

@turbotiger You should be able to solve this be excluding and including the switch. I had the same problem after initially including my switches using openzwave 1.4