How do I program LZW31-SN 3 ways to LZW42 bulbs

So I have setup z-wave associations between each switch and the 5 bulbs but only one switch seems to work properly. Both switches have their own association for group 2 and group 4 so a total of 4 associations. Is it a limit of the z-wave association tool that I can’t put the bulbs in more than one group 2 or 4 association?

If so, what is another way that I can have these turn on or off as quickly as the z-wave association works?

Make sure that your that the switch and the bulbs are both added at the same security level. If there is a mismatch, the associations won’t work.

They are all S0. Is there a limitation with the z wave association tool that could be limiting me? If not I may try to exclude then include the switch that doesn’t seem to want to work properly.

You can only associate 5 devices I believe.

Should it be possible to have the bulbs have separate z-wave associations to the 2 different switches?

If not, what is the best way to program the 2 switches and bulbs to be able to be used like a conventional 3 way?

Are you using the switches with the internal relay enabled (regular) or disabled (always on)?

I spliced the power to be on all the time at the sockets. I haven’t set the dimmers to smart bulb mode or disabled the internal relay because I shouldn’t need to with how I have it wired.