How do I tell what Generation I have

I want to do some Firmware updates (well, I want to see if firmware has a fix for my issue)

but I have no idea what generation I have. I have a few LZW31 switches, and I just started installing some of my LZW36 that I got from my Pre-order.

It feels like there is no info on the Gen1 switches as everything that I see is for Gen2, like the old gens are poof… gone!

Please help.

If you bought late 2019 or this year, most likely Gen2 for the Inovelli dimmers. Plus LZW indicates Gen2. NZW is gen 1 (shudder).

I understand that, but I am not sure about old stock for example. Is there a way to tell in my Hubitat?

does it show anywhere in the logs for example?

I also ordered soo many, I am not sure when got what switch… lol

Do you mean firmware or device generation? The generation should be obvious from the aesthetics. The gen 2 have the color bar (dimmers) and smaller but similar color indicator on the side,

I need to know the hardware, so I can update with the correct firmware.

I am not sure what you mean by the indicator. how different are they?

if it looks like this, it’s gen 2. Just need to make sure you select Red or Black for firmware.

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Hey @eatonjb - here are the spec sheets with pics - hopefully that helps :slight_smile:

Gen 1

Gen 2

But to summarize: Gen 1’s look like GE, Honeywell, Zooz and HomeSeer (Gen 1), whereas our Gen 2’s look like what @harjms posted above (switch on the right)

Hope that helps!

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First of all the Gen1’s cannot have their firmware updated.

Depending on your hub you may be able to identify the current firmware of a gen 2 device. I know for Hubitat @bcopelands “Z-Wave Firmware Updater” driver will tell you what the current firmware. This can be done without any intention of updating the firmware at that time.