How many LED Strips?

I apologize if I missed it in the literature but I can’t seem to find an answer as to how many LED strips can be chained together before it becomes an issue.

I’ve got a lot of cabinets that ideally would be setup with a single “chain” of strips rather than having to utilize multiple outlets and controllers.


The specified length that Eric posted was 16 feet.

But keep in mind that the controller will limit the current draw. The current draw is a function of both the length of the strip AND the effect. So depending on what you are displaying, the controller may limit the brightness some.

For example, you may get full brightness where you are running a pattern where all the LEDs are not constantly lit, but if you try an on-full-time white you may see a brightness limit.

Thanks Bry! I appreciate the help.

From reading other posts, it limits the output to 2amp and them begins dimming in order to remain under 2A