How to Disable LED timeout Gen 2 Red Dimmer LZW31-SN

I’ve got 9 of these throughout the house and only having one that seems to be using the LED Timeout when the device is on, even though they’re all setup in Hubitat the same way with a 2 second Timeout only 1 seems to be actually doing it. I’ve decided that I don’t want the timeout is there a way to disable it so that when it’s on the LED stays on, and doesn’t timeout? they are all on firmware 1.48 the hub is a C5 (if that matters, on the latest firmware). Any suggestions are welcome, i’ve tried selecting No selection, and that doesn’t seem to change the timeout.

Thank you

@scubamikejax904 - Have you tried excluding the device and re-adding it back to the ZWave network?

I haven’t yet, been trying to resist doing that option, but will break down and give it a try this weekend (murphy’s law it’s on the 1 switch with several automations) I was hoping someone might have another idea before I tried that

I’m not sure if there is an option (def not an Hubitat expert), but I wonder if there’s a “clean” option that would force the switch to purge all settings, but still keep on the network.