[HOW-TO] Install the NZW97 2-Channel Outdoor Plug

I’m a new Hubitat convert from SmartThings and the old directions for my beloved NZW97 2-Channel Outdoor Plug didn’t cover installation into Hubitat. I am happy to report that thanks to the excellent drivers and help from @EricM_Inovelli the NZW97 is working perfectly, and I can separately control both of the device channels.

This post is for other newbies who may need a little help.

How To Install the Inovelli NZW97 2-Channel Outdoor Plug in Hubitat

  1. Be sure the NZW97 has been excluded from any prior Z-Wave network
  2. Download the latest Driver Code for the NZW97 and the Switch Child Device from the InovelliUSA GitHub repository:
    NZW97 2-Channel Outdoor Smart Plug Driver Code
    Switch Child Device Driver Code

Install these drivers BEFORE including the NZW97 into Hubitat.
3. Log into your Hubitat and click on the Drivers Code tab
4. Click the New Driver button
5. Copy and paste the device driver code from inovelli-2-channel-outdoor-smart-plug-nzw97.groovy into the panel
6. Click Save and make sure the red “Modified” notice disappears
7. Click the New Driver button again
8. Copy and paste the device driver code from switch-child-device.groovy into the panel and click Save

Now you can include the NZW97 in your Z-Wave network.
9. Click on the Devices tab
10. Click Discover Devices
11. Click Start Z-Wave Inclusion
Hubitat will start the 60-second Inclusion Mode countdown. During this time, plug the NZW97 into an outlet in the same room as your Hubitat hub. It should be found almost immediately.
12. Give your NZW97 a name and Save
13. Click on the Devices tab again and scroll to your newly included NZW97. Click on the name and the device information panel will pop up. Scroll down to Device Information and make sure the Type is set to Invoelli 2-Channel Outdoor Smart Plug NZW97. If it isn’t already set for you, click in the listbox and scroll to the bottom under User and click on the NZW97 device driver.
14. Click Save Device if you made any changes
15. Re-load the NZW97 device panel and scroll down to Device Details. In Component Devices you should see (CH1)(Switch Child Device) and (CH2)(Switch Child Device)
16. If the child devices are not present, scroll up to the Preferences section and click Save Preferences. Check for the child devices again.
17. Physically move the NZW97 to its permanent location. Mine lives outside on the patio and controls two strings of lights.
18. Back in your Hubitat, click on the Settings tab
19. Click on the Z-Wave Details panel
20. Click Repair Z-Wave and let it run to completion