How to set Param 22, Switch Type, for a 3 way with 2 Inovelli Red Dimmers

I have 2 Red Dimmers that I’m using in a 3 way setup. They both have neutrals and are wired with the line and load in separate boxes. Should I be setting Param 22, Switch Type, at all? If so, what should it be set to?




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You can’t wire two dimmers together. You have to use associations. Which hub?

Woops! Typo!! It should have been Param 22, Switch Type that I’m really asking about.

I have the Associations all set up and working. I found I needed Group 3 and 4 on both going to each other. (I don’t think I need it, but I also have one for Group 2 for both, and since it is working, I’m just leaving it there). I set Params 1-4 on both as 1, 1, 0, 0 and set Param 51 on both to Yes. I then created a rule for button 1 pushed for both to “fade” the load side switch to 100% in 0 seconds and another rule for button 7 pushed to fade the load side switch to 40% in 0 seconds.

I’m just wondering if I’m supposed to set Param 22 at all for either, and if so, to what.

BTW, if you’re wondering why I have the 100% rule for 1 pushed it is because myself and family found that after our eyes adjust using the dimmed value of 7 pushed we get to a point that we do want it at 100% but don’t want to turn the light off and then back on. So here’s one for the wish list: I wish that we could set it that 1 pushed wouldn’t just turn it on, but also set it to it’s default setting so I wouldn’t need to create a rule for that in Hubitat.

I left mine with the default value. Probably doesn’t matter since you didn’t connect traveller. You Naidoo need to set param 12 (association behavior) to 11 on the non load dimmer

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It seems the only difference in having the line (i.e. non-load) side at 11 vs. 15, which is the default, is that 15 includes all possibilities, (timer, 3-way, local and z-wave hub) while 11 is the same but without the z-wave hub. When I set the line side back to 15 I noticed a tiny bit of flicker when I let go of the paddle when dimming up or down from the line side which I wasn’t seeing when it was also 11. So I’m leaving them both at 11.

One strange thing I have noticed is that sometimes if I haven’t used either light for a while and dim down the line side it will flash off for an instant and then come back on and then work normally for a long time. I’m not sure if they go to sleep and this causes it or what.

The two switches fight each other over status when you include the hub.

Never seen the flicker on my line switch.