How to set red series dimmer on, off, dim level with node-red?

High level: I have HA/ozw and Node-Red set up. I can control my ZW31-SN from the HA dashboard and I can see debug statements flowing through Node-Red. I can also detect different scene presses on the device using a custom node I imported as well as set status using node-contrib-inovelli-status-manager.

But I can’t turn it on, off or set the dim level from HA’s dev tools, or from a node in Node-Red. It must be something obvious. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, it’s just as simple as using the call service node.

Domain: Light
Service: turn_on (or turn_off)
Example Data (for turn_on), no quotes: “{ “brightness_pct”: 10 }”

Thanks! Seems that work.

This type of stuff seems real difficult to dig up. Is there a Home Assistant & Inovelli guide anywhere? The instructions that came with the switch dont really fill in all the blanks.

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