Hubitat and Inovelli Switches - 2nd time using switch reacts much faster

I’ve noticed that if I do virtually anything with my Red Dimmers (“RD”), either physically where a rule was involved or through Alexa or Google, and I haven’t used the switch for a while there is a noticeable lag for it to turn on. However, if I turn the switch off, again either by the physical button or Alexa or Google, and then turn it back on shortly thereafter it responds much faster the 2nd and subsequent times trying that. Does anybody know why this is happening and if there is anything I can do about it?

BTW, I’ve turned on param 51 for several switches, but the ones I’m primarily talking about have double, if not more, taps in use, so that isn’t an option.

I am currently using a Hubitat C7 hub on firmware and Inovelli Red Dimmers on firmware 1.48.

I do not experience this, but am on a different hub. Perhaps more verbose logging would help, in addition to reducing the press delay parameter to 300ms or 400ms to get actions faster?

Is that Param 50? I had posted a question about that, but never heard back. I was reluctant to use it as there is no way to remove the setting once it is set and I couldn’t ever get anyone to tell me what the default is, which I’m guessing is 700ms.

But since we’re talking 5+ seconds the first time and often almost instantly or a second after that, and I’m just doing a single press I doubt that is it. (But, BTW, virtually all my switches have a rule that a 1 push (i.e. turning it on via the paddle) that sets the dimmer to 100% with a 0 second “fade”. I do that as I like to set the Config/Favorite button to about 35% and I don’t want to have to turn the lights out and then turn them back on again to get to 100%. So I don’t know if that is an issue).