Hubitat Driver for Red Series Dimmer (LZW31-SN) - Parameters

I just installed 2 of the switches. I am using the Inovelli drivers (not Hubitat) and I wanted the lights to come on instantly from the switch. Based on the documentation, Parameter3 is the ramp rate from the switch and Parameter4 is Z-Wave.

However, when configuring the driver, it seems that Parameter3 is for Z-Wave and Parameter4 is for switch? I looked at the state variables in the driver configuration and I saw that when I set the Ramp Rate (From Switch) parameter, the state variable that changed was Parameter4. I have set both parameters to 0 for now, but wanted to confirm if that is correct.


I have Ramp rate (Parameter 4) set to 2 for my bathroom. I think you’re on the correct track and the snapshot of the above is incorrect (not Zwave), unless I’m reading that wrong. Then again, I don’t make money by coding or learning how to code. I’ll leave that up to people like @EricM_Inovelli

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There is a misprint in the manual. Sorry about that. The driver is correct. In the manual the “(Z-Wave)” should actually be “(Local)”.