Hubitat Drivers Update

Per a request on the Hubitat Forums:

I have added ChangeLevel capability into the lzw31-sn, lzw31, lzw42 and lzw41 drivers on my GitHub and have issued a pull request to inovelli’s official github to merge the changes…
The devices supported it already in firmware but there wasn’t a way to utilize it in the drivers.


Device Selector


Driver Definition

capability "ChangeLevel"



direction required (ENUM) - Direction for level change request

For more info see:

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In Hubitat, I get this error:

unable to resolve class hubitat.zwave.commands.versionv2.VersionReport @ line 156, column 16.

I imported from raw. Any thoughts?

Sorry this is for the Multi Color Bulbs

I am not able to reproduce this error… There was some recent changes to hubitat’s zwave classes… what hub version are you running?

This was tested on the current verison:

That could be the problem, I’m on Do I have to upgrade to use the driver. I try to stay a few behind because I have had issues with things not working after updates.

Being that there were major changes to the zwave classes… I would recommend the upgrade…

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Thanks for the assistance, I’ll run the updates.

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