Humming/Buzzing red series dimmers

I just received my 10 pack of red series dimmers. I installed the first 3 in the simplest configuration (neutral, single pole) and all three have a loud buzzing. I see a lot of posts but can’t find any success stories

I replaced one dimmer with a 4th, it continued to buzz/hum at the dimmer
The wire is copper 14/2, all connections are secure
The lights are dimmable, to around 5% on my old GE z-wave dimmers (with no buzzing or flickering through the entire range)
The loads at full brightness are ~140W, 110W, and 40W and are all LED.
140W is recessed puck LED’s ( TORCHSTAR Essential Series)
110W is recessed puck LED’s (Hyperikon 5CCT)
40W are GE Reveal bulbs
I have performed some breaker flips/resets and pulled and re-inserted the air gaps
The buzz/hum occurs at all levels, from 1% to 100% but does not occur when off

The WAF is at zero replacing a working dimmer with a ‘fancy’ dimmer and having the hum. I have some bypasses on order for some smaller rooms that will have ~30W loads and will try them but if they hum its all got to go back. If this cant be resolved, how do returns work once modified (removal of tabs)?

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Good evening @Jacob and welcome to the community – glad to have you here!

The buzzing/humming usually comes from the mismatch of drivers (MOSFET vs TRIAC or Leading vs Trailing):

The reason the GE’s worked better is because they likely matched the lights they are connected to (ie: GE’s TRIAC).

Unfortunately we’d have to refund the difference of new vs refurbished as we can’t resell them as new. Hopefully the lights can be swapped out?

There are some compatible lights here that may help:

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Thanks Eric,
I don’t think I will swap out the lights in the house as they are more expensive than the dimmer switches but I appreciate the suggestion

Maybe one day we can see Inovelli switches that support a wider range of lights