I located many LZW31-SN switches (Manufactured date 7-2020) for sale

Anyone know what Z-Wave generation these have built in?

If I buy these versus the upcoming release of the VZW31-SN what, if any tech will I be missing out on?

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0720 is going to be a Gen 2, Zwave 500 series.

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Its best to wait then or purchase the Blue instead? Decisions…decisions :upside_down_face:

Red (Gen 3) if you want Zwave. They’ll do much more than the gen 2 Reds.

Depends on the asking price. If they’re anywhere close to the price of the new zwave 800’s, best to just pre-order the new ones.

I passed on purchasing the older switches. I want the newest, latest and greatest. Just trying to decide between Red or Blue series?