Ilumin Blub driver for Hubitat - Github link is not working

Receive 500 error using both Chrome and MS browser

UPDATE I think all of us shut-ins are just overwhelming the site.

@JohnRob - Try it now. I received same error, but was able to visit root Inovelli site then clicked my way through.

Thanks, It still gives me the 500 error so perhaps too many folks are using ir or it just doesn’t like me :slight_smile:

However I got this one off the forum post:

  • Author: Eric Maycock
  • Date: 2019-9-9
  • updated by bcopeland 1/7/2020

Hey @JohnRob – can you let me know where you got the link from? I can also check to see if there’s an error on our side with the URL. I’m guessing you would’ve gotten a 404 if it was on our side, but I just want to check.

EDIT: I clicked on @harjms link and it worked and was able to go through to the Raw code, but still I’d like to confirm where you found it to make sure it’s working correctly.


Works now, I think it was experiencing very high traffic.

Thanks for the response


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