Incorrect LED level shown for Black/Red series switches and dimmers?

I have 2 black series switches, 1 red series dimmer and 1 black series dimmer. When I look at the LED level in the “child” device, if the switch is “off”, it is showing the incorrect level vs the state that the LED is actually in. Examples below:

Black Series Switch LED status:

Black Series Switch Configuration:

Switch is currently “off” - the LED level should be 10% (physically, the LED is correct). However, the level on the device configuration page for the LED shows it at 100%. I have refreshed the device status a number of times but there is no change. All my other Inovelli switches are showing the same behavior.

Is this expected? It’s almost like the status page is reading the configuration for LED level when “On”. On one of the switches, I have a rule that changes colors and levels based on triggers and there is a different thread on how this rule changes Parameter 14 (for the black dimmer) when setting the LED level. I can see the LED level of the child device change when that happens, but it appears to show the same thing when the switch is “off”.

This level is the level of the output (or brightness of the light(s) connected), not the LED brightness on the dimmer itself.

Edit:…give me a minute. I just reread your question. It looks like children, not the parent device.

Mine shows different…

Mine matches the 50% level I have set for LED Strip intensity.

Is your device in range? I have seen the hubitat page not update status when there is poor connectivity, but the switch will still act as it is programmed to.

Thanks - I’m assuming that you have different intensity when on vs off? Can you see if the child LED level changes when you turn the parent switch on/off? It does not change on my switches… I have the latest drivers for all, firmware on dimmers is 1.47 ( for both red and black), 1.11 on the black switches.

Yes - I believe so. It’s like this on all 4 switches, and one is about 3 ft. from the hub, the other 3 are about 10-15 ft.

Last I checked, the range check was green. All switches and LEDS respond correctly to on/off commands from the device page.

@rakeshg - Correct. I have 50% intensity when on, 10% when off. These switches are definitely off. May just be a “feature” that no one looked at before. Perhaps @EricM_Inovelli can chime in to see if this is the norm or maybe a bug.

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Thanks for checking this out. I can definitely confirm that the LED level of the child device is following the setting on LED Intensity (ON) and not the actual physical state. My rule to change the LED color and level executed when a door was opened.

After the door was closed, the “Set color” command changed the parameter 14 (intensity when on) to 30 (since the parent switch was off). The LED level showed 30. I have another rule that sets the level of the LED to 50 when the parent switch is turned on and after I turned the switch on, the LED level showed 50.

@EricM_Inovelli - if that is the way it is supposed to work, I’m fine with it and will work my rules around that. Thanks…

I can confirm that this is intended behavior.

The LED child device is intended to control color and level of the RGB bar color/brighness, not having anything to do with the dim level of the child itself. The parent level is the dim level of the physical switch.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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Hmm - I think I may be missing something here. I am trying to match the “level” of the LED (child) shown on the device configuration page vs the physical state of the LED. I am not trying to set the level of the Inovelli switch (parent).

The “level” setting that I’m referring to is the one below (outlined in red):

Is this level setting not supposed to match the physical state of the LED?

Reading back my comment was super confusing.

You have it right. The LED child level is for the bar, not the switch dim level.

Sorry for the confusion.

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The level of this child device should match the configuration parameter “LED Intensity” which is 14 I believe.

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Yes - but that should be when the switch is on. When it is off, it should match parameter 15, right? So, if Param 14 = 100, and Param 15 = 10, the LED (child) level should be 100 when the switch is “on” and when “off”, it should be 10.

What is currently happening is that it shows level at 100 (parameter 14) even if the parent switch is off.

Below is an example for a black series switch where I have no rules changing the LED level.

Current LED status:

Current switch status:

Parameter 14 and 15 configuration:

Since the parent switch is off, the physical state of the LED is 10% but the LED status in Hubitat is showing the level as 100%. Is it really supposed to work that way?

Yes, it is supposed to work that way. It is intended to be used to change parameter 13 & 14.

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