Inovelli Dimmer Issue

I installed a few of the dimmer switches and I’m having two key issues both with standard load lights.

Issue #1 - I’ve got LED 2 x 2 lights on a dimmer and have it set for instant on/off with a non-neutral configuration. The problem is that sometimes when it turns off and I go to turn it back on, it will do a quick turn on for a few ms and then the switch will do a single red and blue blink and then turn off. After a little time (~30 seconds), it will turn back on just fine.

Issue #2 - I have a single LED on a dimmer that is greater than 25W and the dimmer functions properly by the LED but the light never shutsoff. I’ve verified that the load and line are properly wired in. This is a non-neutral setup and the non-neutral is selected.

Any insights into these would be great.


I would try a bypass for both. I think in the first instance the switch isn’t getting enough power and rebooting. In the second instance, the switch is drawing enough to illuminate the bulbs.

The > 25W spec is more of a guideline practically speaking.