Inovelli is Hiring!

TLDR: We’re hiring two experienced CS Reps with a salary range of $65-$75k.

Hey all,

We’re closing in on a deal (@amdbuilder – I need better drying ink) real fast and in preparation for it going well, we’d like to start staffing up. In other words, if the deal does not happen, this will be put on hold… but we feel real confident in it.

The first place we’d like to start is customer service.

We’re looking to fill two positions to start immediately and another two by mid-August or early-September.

Our aspiration is to become the best at customer service in the industry. This means we’re going to be investing heavily in not only the type of people we hire, but the infrastructure involved in responding to people promptly and accurately.

The goal is to answer every ticket within 24hrs, open up a live chat option and ultimately have a hotline.

Mandatory Experience:

  • Experience in Smart Home Technology: this person should be able to understand how various hubs work (SmartThings, Hubitat, Home Assistant, etc) or be willing to learn (although experience in at least one hub is mandatory)
  • Overall Passion for Home Automation: willingness to help others by sharing their own examples and thinking outside the box when it comes to assisting
  • Great Communication Skills: I can’t emphasize this one enough lol.

The preference would be for this person to work out of HQ (Kalamazoo, MI), however, depending on the skill level and trust, this can be a remote job. The first couple of weeks would need to be training in Kalamazoo, however.

Day to Day:
Responding to customer tickets, updating and suggesting articles for the knowledge base, testing/refurbing returns, live chat and ultimately answering any phone calls that may come through (we’ll start with a live chat option and an appointment scheduler before we open up the floodgates for phone calls).

Since this is a specialized job that requires a lot of technical experience, the salary range is from $65k-$75k USD. Other incentives are: Health Insurance (employer pays 50% - non-dependents), Bonus structures, and Half-Day every other Friday’s (or if you work the weekends, you can pick a different day).

If you’re interested, please shoot myself (@Eric_Inovelli), @Ericm_Inovelli, and @anon14959390) a PM or if you don’t have permissions to do this, send us an email at: [email protected] with the subject line: Customer Service Position

PLEASE NOTE: The first two positions are for US Residents only

We will be looking to start interviews in early July and we’ll also update this thread if things change.

Have an awesome day!


Don’t make me ship you new pens :stuck_out_tongue: - This is fantastic news, I look forward to your continued growth (and putting up with our horrible jokes :rofl:).

Congratulations, a growing company during these times surely means you are doing something RIGHT! Someone get in on the ground floor of an amazing company, we will forgive you for being in MI lol!


But, what if we could only do training in Timbuktu?

Hehehe. Sorry, just kidding.

Great to hear, especially during these times. Looking forward to possible non US residents positions opening in the future :grin:

Not to be that guy… but whatever ended up happening to the big deal mentioned in this post? Must be some real slow drying ink! Was real curious what might be coming!

(Not looking for a job… just nosy)

I suspect the news about Canada fulfillment was the big news. That being said they may still surprise us…

Lol no, that wasn’t the big news… We had an investor on the line, but we ultimately couldn’t come to an agreement, so we actually had to use whiteout on the wet ink lol!



Aww well that’s too bad! As always, appreciate the transparency!

It’s more important to have the right investor(s) or better partner(s) contributing to your success. It can be painful to almost have a deal, but just remember there is a better deal out there for you.

At a minimum you’ve got us continuing to invest in your business :slight_smile:


Amen! :+1:

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