Inovelli Notification Calc

sorry I didn’t know where to post this.

@nathanfiscus the calc located at Inovelli Switch Toolbox is pretty cool but doesn’t work as the calc has a rage 1-255 while the app has a range 1-360. Is this an easy thing to update?

Sorry, but don’t know what you mean by “app” or which value you are specifically referring to that is out of range. Can you clarify those two things? The calculator is built to be platform independent and utilizes the values set in the documentation for both the dimmer and the switch.

When using the calc the range goes from 1-255. When in the smart things app the range of allowance is 0-360. The colors don’t match up in smartthings when using the calc. See images.

Hmmmm. That’s weird. It should be 255 - let me tag @EricM_Inovelli to check.

The calculator is (in a sense) converting the hue color wheel visually at the time you slide across the bar. The device handler does the calculation behind the scenes. You can use any hue color wheel to determine what the value should be. Example

If you want to use that online calculator, you can reverse the calculation x/255*360 where x is what the online calculator outputs. Since the hue color wheel is a standard and can be found everywhere I went with the user entering a value from it.

Got it, thanks.

I will add an option to allow users to set the calculation method (Raw or Device Handler) for the LED value in the next version of the calculator.