Inovelli Red series switches and illumin bulb generic device type label

I have several Inovelli Red series and a couple of black series on/off switches (dimmers and on/off) and 2 illumin bulbs installed in my house. I use a SmartThings hub to control them. Several of the switches and one of the bulbs show on my SmartThings device list as generic “secure z-wave switch”’ including the bulb which shows as a secure dimmer. Because of this I don’t have access to any of the settings for these switches or any of the color settings for the bulb. The rest of the switches and the other bulb show up as the correctly named types Inovelli Red Series or Ilumin multicolor bulb.

I have the device handlers installed on my SmartThings hub for each of the switches and the bulbs. Why does this happen and how do I fix the affected switches and bulb to have the correct device type in SmartThings?

I think you can manually change it in the smartthings api by clicking devices and then on the specific device and then edit. You should be able to manually select the type from a drop down menu. That may not be 100% accurate as I’m not in front of a computer. Other option would be reset the bulb or switch and repair. I’ve always gone the reset and repair route just to make sure.

You can edit the type in the IDE, but if you don’t see “Inovelli Red series …” for selection, you may need to exclude and re-pair the switch.

Thanks, I’ll try that.