Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN turns off then back on randomly with zigbee bulbs

I have the Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN wired in 3-way to an add-on switch. I actually have two. One is wired to a set of osram zigbee bulbs and the other is wired to a set of regular led bulbs. On the zigbee set, the lights turn on then off intermittently, on the regular led set they have no issues. Is there some settings that needs to be changed to prevent the lights going from on to off that i need to adjust? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Just making sure i understand. You have a 3-way switch circuit powering smart bulbs? So that means the switches physically make and break power to the smart bulbs?

If that’s the case, smart bulbs should be powered constantly. The reason is that the constant making and breaking of power will dramatically affect the life of the bulb. I don’t know if that is causing your issue, but I suppose it’s possible that a smart switch connected to smart lights could be the problem.

That’s correct, the 3 way switch is powering the smart bulbs.

So do you have the relay turned off so that the bulbs are powered constantly?

No, the relay is on when the switch turns on. Since I have this setup as a 3-way, I figured if I disabled the physical switch, it would disable the add-on switch.

Well, there is, I THINK, a difference between disabling the relay and disabling local control. Someone here will confirm what I’m thinking.

The problem is that you shouldn’t be cutting the power to those lights via the switch. I don’t know if this is causing the problem, but it’s not the correct way to proceed even if it isn’t. Ordinarily I would suggest that you disable the relay and then use the scene capability on the switch to turn the smart bulbs on and off. What I’m not sure about is how using an Aux switch factors into this. I don’t think that the Aux will cause the Inovelli to send scene information, so it may be best to consider swapping out the smart bulbs for non-smart, or discontinue the use of the Aux if you can.

Would love to hear someone else’s thoughts.