Inovelli switches and scene control with Mozilla Webthings Gateway

Hi, I wondered if anyone here has experimented with the Mozilla WebThings Gateway as a hub. I currently use Samsung but am weary of losing all complex behaviors, rules, and automations when I lose internet–which happens all too often for me. Haven’t found anything relevant on the web when I search for Inovelli + webthings, and that makes me nervous.

I didn’t know that project was still kicking. :slight_smile: It looks like they might use Open Z-Wave, which Home Assistant (and probably other projects, but that seems the most popular around here) does as well, so it’s at least usable to some extent, though you might want to see the hoops users of older versions had to jump through to get all features to work with older versions. I have no idea which Mozilla might be using and even less of an idea what their platform actually looks like in terms of what automations it allows you to set up. This is old, but it looks like it’s still an open issue:

Unfortunately, I don’t use the platform, and I had equally bad luck searching as you did. Maybe someone else can chime in. Otherwise if you already have the device, perhaps you could try and report your findings. :slight_smile: (Or if you’re looking for a more widely-used home automation hub, a lot of people around here use Home Assitant if they want open-source and DIY or Hubitat for commercial DIY [shockingly similar to ST in terms of architecture, BTW], both also local. But I’m not trying to steer you away from WebThings…it’s on my list to try some day given how much I like Mozilla as an organization!)

Hey @beerobber out of curiosity, did you ever go down this route? If so, how did it turn out?

Thanks for checking back in, Eric. After trying the Mozilla project for a bit, I found it too limited in functionality to replace SmartThings for my preferred uses.

I settled on Home Assistant. Basic components below. There are a couple of the Inovelli dimmers that show high numbers of communication errors on OZWD logs. I have 30 total ZWave devices, of which 9 are Inovelli Red Dimmers. The 2 that OZWD complains about are not among the closest to my hub, so I think distance/hop count may be my issue, though I haven’t really dug into it. I have a couple of Red Series switches that are even further away and they seem happy, perhaps because they need less conversation to get their jobs done. Healing the network seemed to improve things a bit. I plan to locate the hub more centrally in my house and then try healing the network again. Meanwhile, those dimmers fail to take part in scenes triggered via automations pretty often. Oddly, they seem more reliable when addressed directly. Maybe there are more retries by HA in one invocation vs the other?

Intel NUC i5 running Proxmox VE
VM: Ubuntu Server LTS 20
Container: MQTT
Container: OpenZWave
Container: Home Assistant

Zigbee via a ConBee II USB stick from dresden elektronik
ZWave via a Zooz S2 USB stick, ZST10 with ZWave Plus