Installed 4 LED cans/flickering how many bypass do I need? LZW31-SN switch fails firmware update

Hello I just installed 4 LED can lights and a LZW31-SN switch in my office. I get bad light flicker with the switch on and am planning on installing a bypass or getting a neutral. Would I be able to rig 1 bypass to work across the 4 can lights or would I need to get 4 separate?

Would wiring my switch with a neutral eliminate the flicker problem or low under 25w load issues on my other switches?

I’m also having difficulty flashing my LZW31-SN switch. I’m using a USB HUSBZB stick with Simplicity Studios with Zwave PC Controller. I’m able to connect to the switch with PC controller and read data from it, however when I got to flash the first firmware file the switch starts blinking blue but the transfer never succeeding in sending the file it gets stuck on bit 1. I can control the switch however with the software just not upload the firmware file.

I also have a fan/light combo switch in my bedroom that just went dead. No light to the switch. The switch was extremely slow and laggy and I planned on updating the firmware. I’ve noticed sometimes if my switches are having load problems the lights won’t click on and sometimes restarting power to the switch fixes it. Anyways this fanlight does absolutely nothing now, maybe its dead? Do the new fan switches have updated firmware? The one I had was so slow turning the lights on and off it was very difficult to figure out how it was working and frustrating, worked fine with a zwave hub though.

Appreciate any help, the number of issues that have cropped up over my old house have been tough to navigate. I suspect neutral wires will fix most my issues. Help me love these switches!

The principal purpose of the bypass is to allow a non-neutral dimmer to power up properly. But it has had the benefit of helping reduce flicker in some cases. Re-wiring with a neutral will solve your switch power problems, but it may or may not solve the flickering issue. Not all LED bulbs are compatible. You won’t know until you test.

Regarding the fan/light switch, I’d post in the thread that is collecting information about issues with that switch.

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Still no solution, have an extra switch im afraid to crack open or look at buying new version. Can I get phone support or an RMA processed without posting in some thread I can’t find? Much appreciated my smarthome is falling apart.

Submit a ticket at the bottom of the support page:

Must have been confused sorry, I have 2 tickets recently opened