Is child device needed for Red or Black Dimmers in Hubitat?

When I added my black and red dimmers to Hubitat it automatically turned on creating a child device for LED color.

I am not programming them at all and only want the LED to show the built basic functionality, i.e. dimmer level, be brighter when on and dimmer when off. As such, do I even need the child device?

The reason I’m asking is that the child devices show up when I’m picking devices for their rule apps.

You don’t need them however some of us used them for notifications. It was easy to make groups of the child devices for mass notification ms.

I think you got this answered on Hubitat (and it may be helpful to provide a link if you post in both places), but to repeat it here: no, the functionality you’re looking for — the LED bar showing the level or on/off state — is built in to the switch/dimmer.

The child devices only do something if you actually use them in an automation (check the “In use by section” on their device detail pages to be sure). Their mere creation — or not — has no effect and is just a convenience feature, as mentioned above.

Thanks. I turned off the toggle in each device to create the LED child and they went away.