Is Inovelli dead?

Is Inovelli dead? I’ve loved their products but haven’t been able to get them for months. I’ve built up a lot of rewards points and can’t even use them cause the products I need are out of stock.

Finally got notice they were back in stock. Clicked the link within 5-mins of getting the email and it’s all out of stock.

Then I emailed Inovelli twice asking about it and get zero response.

Love their products but definitely getting frustrated here. I’ve got half my house running Inovelli and wanted to stick with the same switches throughout. Now I’m kinda regretting what I’ve installed so far.


Definitely not dead. They’re running into supply chain issues like all tech companies these days. The chips for all of their products have 6-12 months lead times. Graphics card manufacturers are having the same issues.

This thread tracks estimated restocking days:

I get it but what about the weird email saying the products I needed were in stock but weren’t and then no reply when I asked them about it?

Was this about 13 days ago? There was a system error that erroneously reported items in stock. See the end of this thread. Also a good thread to watch for item availability.

Regarding the lack of availability, it’s attributed to the general worldwide chip shortage. I don’t recall the exact numbers, but lead times for some products are ridiculously long.


Not dead – just in a very, very crappy situation right now that we’re trying to pull out of. Luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel as there didn’t seem to be a couple months ago.

Long story short, chip shortage + load times quadrupling on certain parts (MOSFET) + ongoing back/forth with our manufacturer over payment terms = we’ve had to scale back on certain products (Black Series, Lightstrip, etc) and also not back-fill positions where headcount is lost.

Money that normally goes towards operations now has to go towards inventory that we won’t even see until the end of the year.

I’m assuming you’re talking about Red Series Dimmers as that was a glitch in our automated email system. We’re still working out bugs and that one burned a bit and I apologize as everyone wrote in upset about it (rightfully so).

I’m honestly not sure why no one responded to you :confused:

The problem with the Red Series Dimmers is that they use MOSFET, which now is looking at 52 week lead times :sob:. We’re trying to pivot to TRIAC on these (and our new manufacturer has done so for ZigBee) but our current manufacturer is being a pain in starting new projects for us, which they consider this to be a new project if we switch from MOSFET to TRIAC.

Good news is we have a large order coming in July of RS Dimmers, but the outlook after that is very bleak.

Tough times right now and we’re trying our best as a 6 person team!


Were you writing in to the ticketing system or via social media? I don’t see any tickets from you since March except for one that looks like it was started yesterday as a follow up to this post. So just FYI…your tickets may not be coming through to us so that’s likely why you didn’t get a response from anyone. Sorry!

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So I just replied to the In-Stock email I received. Twice. Looks that the reply address is on that one. I remember making sure it wasn’t a noreply@ address, but figured contact@ would have went somewhere. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm – @Brianna_Inovelli can you and Ali take a look at this? It should come to our ticketing system if someone replies to the emails, but maybe something’s happening.

Thanks @jacobgraf for the heads up!

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@Eric_Inovelli first - hang in there! Love your products - they’re definitely worth the wait.
Are the bulbs also using MOSFET? These seem to have been out of stock for some time now although I’m also not good at checking my email haha :grin:


:frowning: Bummer. Hope things continue improving. I still don’t understand how the global supply chains have gotten SO totally messed up. Wow.

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Hopping in on a thread that’s not mine just to say “HOLY SHIT YOU ARE ONLY A 6 PERSON TEAM?!”
Good job for real tho on an awesome product. Sucks the situation, but I look forward to purchasing more… eventually :wink:

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