Is my fan compatible with the LZW36?

I’d love to purchase the LZW36 for my bedroom fan because I’m not a fan of the remote ours came with, however after looking I’m not sure if my fan is compatible?

Here’s the manual for my fan:

So my questions are:

  1. Will I be able to install the LZW36?
  2. Will I still be able to use the remote? (I don’t like it, but my wife does, but she has told me she’d be fine with using Home Assistant for the light and fan if it comes down to it)

I don’t mind having to cut wires if I need to cut the wire connector clip off from the fan to get access to the individual wires, though I assume that would mean the original remote would be gone.

I think the fact that the reversing is built into the canopy module means this isn’t an ideal candidate.

You can’t use both the OEM remote and the LZW36 simultaneously (both would try to control speed, conflict, etc.).

Actually it looks like reversing is part of the fan itself and not the canopy(has a switch on the fan which is pretty standard). Interestingly the receiver for this fan is attached to the mount and not built into the fan which means in theory it’s easy to replace(splice/cut the pre-wired harness wires and replace the module with the inovelli module).

Yeah I can confirm that reversing is on the fan itself.

And yeah, the receiver is removable, I didn’t realize it was supposed to be right there when I first installed the fan so I removed it until I realized it’s supposed to be in that spot.

So in theory it sounds like I’d have to remove the current receiver and lose the remote (which I’m fine with) and cut the wire connector clip from the fan itself?

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Yes, hopefully the color codes align with standard wiring. e.g. (BLK = LINE, WHT = NEUTRAL, BLU = LIGHT*). You may be able to wire into the hard directly.

*BLU does not always light…

Alternatively you could cut the harness off the fan’s receiver module and wire nut the wires from the Inovelli receiver… that way the harness can still just be plugged into the fan harness. It’s really whatever you are most comfortable with.