Is the holiday bundle refurbished?

Just received my 4 red series dimmer + 2 illumin bulbs. All the switches seem to have drywall dust or something on them like they were pulled out of an existing installation.

Are these supposed to be new or refurb? It doesn’t say refurb on the site so not sure what’s up.


Hey @FFTYUTCKBK – no, these are all brand new – I think what you’re seeing is the packaging dust that’s on them.

I know that’s not the technical term for it and I can ask the manufacturer for clarification, but I can assure you these are brand new.

The only way they may not be is if you ordered them via Amazon and they accidentally sent you one that was returned to them as that happens often. But I think I know what you’re talking about with the dust as I’ve seen it too when unboxing them.

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