Is using trailing edge in Blues safe?

I’m mainly looking for reassurance that I’m not about to burn my house down.

I have a bunch of Blue VZM31-SN and have only been able to use them in on/off mode because the Lithonia devices my contractor installed would flicker / strobe terribly.

After reading through a bunch of things that have confused the heck out of me, I decided to try trailing edge by doing the hold down the paddle and press 13 times rigamarole.

Now my lights dim flalwlessly without a single flicker. However, I saw some things about trailing edge creating too much heat / potentially causing fires?!??! So I just want to make sure I understand what’s actually happening and if it’s a bad idea to enable this or if I’m just overthinking things I don’t fully understand.

All of my circuits are either 3Way AUX or Single Pole and well within the ratings of the switches.

Appreciate any reassurance or warnings!

Trailing edge should be just fine for those lights. The concern was specifically with users using unsupported loads (inductive or with ballasts, like fans, fluorescents, etc). Newer firmware (2.15) added temperature monitoring as well.

Thanks so much. That’s what I was thinking, but then there was some weird argument about what makes an inductive load vs a LED driver in one of the threads There were some random questions about unrelated things and I got confused and figured it’d be worth asking.

I did set up HA to alert me if any of the switches enter “overheat” status just to quell my own anxieties, but hearing what the concern was helps immensely!