Issue on installing Red Series on 3 way

When installing a 3 way connection below is my wiring
Inovelli Switch - Neutral, Traveller, Load and Line
Dumb Switch - Traveler wire on Traveler and Neutral wire on Line, Load and Line wire connected to each other.

Once I turn on using the physical Inovelli Switch it explodes (inside the Inovelli Switch). The following happened:

  1. Circuit breaker goes from On to Off
  2. If I turn it back Inovelli switch blue light is up. I can turn on and off the blue indicator lights up but the physical light does not turn on.
  3. If I turn the Dumb switch on the Inovelli switch turns on (bright blue light), if i turn the Dumb switch off the Inovelli switch turns off (low blue light) but nothing happens on the Physical light.
  4. putting back all the dumb switch (removing inovelli) turns all back to normal.


  1. Is my wiring correct?
  2. Is the Inovelli Switch broken already?
  3. What can be done and any advice will help.


Do you have a dumb switch or aux switch?

On the dumb switch side you shouldn’t have a neutral wire connected at all and line and load shouldn’t be directly connected.

Sorry not really sure what is dumb and aux switch. I have this regular switch same as on the 3-way install video. I just followed the video.

@Denton - Check out this for wiring instructions. You shouldn’t have neutral tied to the dumb switch unless you are using a Aux switch (GE or Homeseer, $$$)

I think you may just have some load and line mix ups. You need to find the source (line) coming into the box. The Inovelli should be installed in that box (to make it simple). Connect Line to Line, Load to BLK wire going to dumb switch, Red to Traveler, Neutral to WHT. On dumb switch side, connect BLK wire coming from Inovelli switch to one of the brass colored terminals, the RED wire coming from inovelli to the other brass colored terminal, and the remaining BLK wire that goes to the light to the BLK colored terminal.

You can tell which is coming from the Inovelli (hopefully) because the BLK, RED, and WHT will be coming in on the same romex.

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That video is not for the new red series switch and should not be followed for your installation… The dump switch wiring is incorrect the the newer red switch.

Refer to the wiring diagrams

Do you have access to a multi meter or a non contacting voltage tester?

Thanks for the help. The 1st option which is the line/load on separate boxes seems like no need to rewire the dumb switch. I tried that but what happens is that if I turn the dumb switch off the inovelli switch turns off (no light).

Are you certain you have identified the line correctly If you disconnect all the wire from both switches only one should have power. Do you have any electrical tester to check which wire is powered?

Photo of each switch might help…

@Denton - Let me get this straight, if you have Inovelli switch on, no lights or lights? Can we get some photos?

If you turn off the dumb switch and the Inovelli bright light turns off to dim, it sounds correct to me. If switch completely shuts off, you need to swap location of switches.

Inovelli switch completely shuts off. Ok I will try to install them again but I will swap the location of the switches. Again thanks for all your help.

Try reading other 3 way threads and i suspect you’ll find a solution among them matching your setup. fwiw, i struggled for months trying to upgrade to a z-wave switch. I tried GE/Leviton/Zooz, and then Inovelli to no success. There are a few different ways to wire up a 3-way (and diagram below is my wiring). The problem for me is all the vendors’ wiring instructions only show the necessary wiring for the new z-wave switch (the one for the right side). Once i was able to match my existing wiring to the left side, i was able to immediately rewire and get my z-wave switch working on the first try.

hope this helps! it can be frustrating for newbies like myself.

So after a long time I finally had time to install on a 3 way switch.
Since I saw both box has load and line I followed option one on the document for installing red series.
It functions properly but there are times that if I turn it off either through phone, the dumb switch or physically on the inovelli switch it will just turn back on after a few seconds without touching it. Not really sure what is wrong.

So I played with it and I still have it connected. What I found is if I turn it OFF once then after a few seconds it turns the light back on. It does this consistently. It only stops doing it when I press the ON, OFF and ON quickly on the phone which results to physical light being OFF but the switch light indicator is ON. Then after I press OFF the light remains OFF and the switch Indicator turns to OFF.

Something’s wrong on the wiring but i don’t know what is it.