Issue Sending BASIC_SET to Associated Device

Hello all,

I’ve started off my z-wave journey by building a decent sized mesh of Inovelli LZW30-SN and LZW31-SN devices. I have purchased a set of Minoston MP21Z devices with the intent to use them with direct association from some of the LZW30-SN switches. I’ve run into an issue where although the MP21Z devices show that they support the BASIC_SET operations, they don’t seem to do anything when being set as a target from the LZW30-SN switches. I’ve tried them in encrypted and non-encrypted inclusions, with the internal relay disabled on the LZW30-SN switch. I’ve also verified that the LZW30-SN switch is sending the BASIC_SET commands out by adding another LZW30-SN switch as a target.

Since the Minoston MP21Z device seems to be a previous Inovelli model rebranded (shows manufaturer id of 0x312), I figured that I would stop by the forums to see if anyone can enlighten me as to what may be going on. I’m thinking that the perhaps even though they say that the BASIC_SET operations are supported (, they only support sending the BASIC_SET command and not being a target of it.

Thanks in advance!